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 Who is the photographer of BackRoads Digital?

Hi.  My name is Hari and I live in the beautiful city of Medicine Hat located in southern Alberta.

I am an avid photographer that loves to shoot. I am an Engineer by profession and as such, I have learnt the theory behind the image capturing process and the equipment involved.  My creative side sees how to put a unique perspective on the shot. Take, for example the picture above.  A typical photograph would have been a headshot.  My thought process for this shot so it would be unique is to crop out half of my body so that you, the viewer, can also experience the view that I am looking at and think about capturing a unique picture. And also, wonder who I am.

I have been photographing since about 2000 when I purchased my first camera; a Minolta Maxxum 7000. After a few years, I picked up my second camera, a Maxxum 7xi and started using slide film.

Moving on to the present, I started photography back up again after a few years absence (the typical adult cycle - fall in love, get married, have a family, discover golf, forget photography) …. Now, here I am writing this.

With a Nikon D7100 in hand, I got the bug again. An  Instagram account (Viewfinder_Journey) was created and then..... a second camera, Nikon D750. My lenses I use are a Tamron 35/1.4, Nikon 50/1.8, and an 18-110 Nikon zoom. 

Take a look at my portfolio. You will see a wide variety of genres. I started with nature, moved on to street photography, then cars and trains, and now I am doing events and portraits.

Enjoy my pictures. They are for sale for that unique print to hang on your wall or as a gift. Feel free to contact me for suggestions on print sizes or type.


Please feel free to contact me

Thank you.


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