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Blurry is Enough

The photographed sessions

I was fortunate enough to catch the local acoustical duo of Logan and Daniel of Blurry is Enough at Travois Ale Works here in Medicine Hat. The two were phenomenal and it was a joy to photograph them . As I was shooting, they called up a young lady to perform as well. Her name is Christie. She sang a few songs and I was able to photograph her while she sang. This turned out to be a blessing. One of my favourite shots is of her. She is looking at Dan and laughing. I managed to capture at that moment, not only her laughing , but also the laugh of Logan (in the foreground). They interacted with the audience and drew them in with their vocals. And it is this feeling I wanted to evoke in my pictures. The feeling you are there. The close up shots of the hands playing the instruments, the expressions on their faces. The tones in the pictures. The connection between the performer and the audience. In the first session, I used two lenses. A 35mm/1.4 and 50mm/1.8. ISO was bumped up to 640 to allow me to handhold the camera and use the available light. Camera used is a Nikon D750.

The second session was held in a different location. Not wanting to duplicate what I had done in the first session, I grabbed my flash, put on some colored gels and shot away. In this session, I wanted a more hip, colorful feel to the shots.

Session 3 was an unexpected surprise. I wasn't sure I was going to shoot them. I had to send my 35mm lens back for repairs. I had ordered a new beast and was waiting for its arrival. I ordered a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 (to compliment my Tamron 35/1.4).  This lens was bought in order to shoot from a distance and still get close up shots. The lens arrived on Friday. Blurry was playing that night. I wanted to practise with this lens. Feeling comfortable and having established a relationship with them (which is very important for a successful photoshoot), I went that night unannounced and surprised them. The shots of the session are below.

And They Said....

Hari has done two remarkable shoots for my duo and all I can say is wow! His shots have been top-notch and the creativity speaks for itself. Highly recommended & professional!

Daniel Hooft 

We have worked together a couple times now and Hari is an extremely professional photographer. He's extremely detail oriented and creative with his work. I look forward to working with Hari in the future

Logan Straub

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