Mahoney and Friends - Back Roads Digital

Mahoney and Friends

I heard good things about this band and I wanted to photograph them.

I met with Trent so that we could discuss this opportunity. They agreed and understandably so, I believe with trepidation. They didn't know me and a lot is at risk. Would I be a distraction? Would I cause a distraction?  This is where professionalism is so important.  With further discussions and questions answered, the opportunity to photograph them was granted.  What an opportunity it turned out to be.  The show was nothing short of phenomenal.  They are talented and can belt out the tunes.  There was so much energy and enthusiasm. There was even a surprise guest on the show. A little boy came and interacted with them.   This little boy just wandered on the stage. With this energy, a successful photographer must be able to capture and show that through their photographs.  And of course, this was captured in my shots due to the trust that the band gave me.  Access to the stage, respecting their wishes, and of course, establishing guidelines beforehand. That is what makes a photographer successful with his sessions.  Thank you Trent for this opportunity. 


At the Esplanade

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