Painter Girl - Back Roads Digital

Painter Girl at Travois Ale Works

I attended a PainterGirl session and Christy was gracious enough to allow me to photograph her painting session. The audience was also very receptive to this.  With this being my first shoot, it turned out to be quite a learning lesson. Her class was fun. The students enjoyed themselves immensely. And if you follow her, you will know that she is a busy lady teaching people to paint.

The challenges I faced for this first shoot was the low light. Held at Travois Ale Works, the room was dim and space was tight. O f course, as always in a situation like this, the use of flash requires consideration so as not to disturb the participants. But, it turned out well in the end as no one voiced any concerns and I continued shooting and learning as I went along. Below are the pictures of the event.


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